We had been in love for years and waiting for other more.
Finally we have met on Daraj AL Yasmin.

Whereit all starts

“Daraj AL Yasmin restaurant”

For the first time in Dubai and UAE, a place blends between a restaurant with special services and an ambience of unforgettable well-selected arts.

When we talk about Damascus, it’s about the love of humanity union which started from there.

So, the love story between Al Sham and its jasmines belongs to all the humanity to keep that story and to tell more love stories whereas they never end…. And like that, the endless story started. Since then, it keeps regenerating when the smell of jasmines piles and that beautiful passion gathering jasmine and hearts happens to occur…

The stories never end here on Darj AL Yasmin to scramble with jasmines on that ancient Darj…

“I can’t write about Damascus without the jasmines perching on my fingers.”

-Nizar Qibbani, the poet of love and jasmine

Today the flower comes to a warm place and one of the most beautiful cities, Dubai… refreshing that love and creating a new love and a new story with the beloved city to tell jasmines and love stories, and jasmines scramble again on that Darj… where the story begins again… We had been in love for years and waiting for other more. Finally we have met on Daraj AL Yasmin.

DarajAL Yasmin restaurant


The idea of Daraj AL Yasmin restaurant was found as a reflection of a passionate love between a poet admired jasmines and his city which he described as:”In Al-Sham, I know who I am in the crowd, guiding me a moon shining upon me in the hand of a woman, and also guiding me a stone washed in the tears of the jasmine then slept”…

That was the great poet and lover Mahmoud Darwish… and it was for him to spread that jasmine in every beautiful place…

That speech has released a special vision and with everyone loved this beautiful love. To create a distinct identity gathers between arts, culture, originality and contemporaneity. Besides service measures works on exceeding the expectations by focusing on diversity and excellence to put Daraj AL Yasmin on the tourist map in Dubai.

Starting with the name “Daraj AL Yasmin” which holds inside elegant prospects and feelings that jasmine smell will distinguish the place, it will fulfill the place that every guest will feel it as he enters the place to relate to the prettiest memories… with the makings of the restaurant which provide rest to all the guests starting from the ease of access and the great hospitality.

The great are of Daraj AL Yasmin is divided on sections with a great fitting to give

DarjAl Yasmine’s Halls

Al-damascusHALL (SHAMS)

This hall represents luxury and originality as an eastern hall with the arts of arabesque, ajami and marble that mark jasmines city to have the name “Shams” whereas the Arabian traditions in hospitality and generosity.


“Al-Yasmin hall” with a beautiful design blends between the modern arts of the east and the spirit of the place to make our guest feel as he is in an old house in Damascus to see the harmony between the place, events, special service and the smell of jasmines… Also there is a corner for Fairuz the artist who sang for jasmines and their city.


On the first floor of the restaurant, there is Nizar Qabbani hall with a beautiful decoration complementing the whole decorations with cultural touch related to poetry especially the great Nizar Qabbani. It also has a great library with a collection of the best Arabic books and international ones in different fields. The hall also includes a hall for seminars and musical shows.

Mahmoud Darwish hall

On the second floor of the restaurant, a hall overlooks the whole place to witness the beauty of the idea and the feeling and besides being one of the restaurant halls; it provides art shows and cultural activities.

Al-Pazzorya CORNER

As a last piece to that harmony, Al-Pazzorya corner is founded to quietly compensate to give that feeling of movement and the beauty of natural products and the beautiful souvenirs, as it contains the best sweets, chocolate and souvenirs.

Children Corner
To guarantee the best for our guests, Darj Al-Yasmin hasn’t forgotten about a special corner for the children with many means of entertainment that helps in raising the creativity and thinking skills by simulators and special food for them.


From here at Darj Al-Yasmin restaurant with all it has got, compensating with the popular events which gives a state of creativity that spreads more energy in the place to sit and talk to ourselves living these beautiful times with some pride and a lot of feelings of the luxury of the place…

We don’t have any but keeping those stories told… and the history is recording and telling…

The formula here is not as usual, but it takes us to a fantasy that makes us petting those thoughts and touching the horizon to reach whereas nobody ever has reached… and always our companion is the smell of jasmines.